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Zenoarcher is a bow & arrow game inspired by the Zeno's Paradox for motion, derived to Quantum Zeno Effect in the context of quantum physics.

The Quantum Zeno Effect states that the probability of the transition of a particle from one state to an another state follows a sigmoidal curve if left untouched, but if observations are conducted the probability of state transition is interfered with. In Zenoarcher, the particle transition probability is analogous to the arrow which is dragged down by the gravity. Furthermore, y-axis could be thought as the actual observed state (or probability), and a target for the desired transition probability is modeled by an arrow target. The setup of the bow & arrow game can be modified, with a higher score rewarded to the player for using less pulses (i.e. observations), using a harder setup, and hitting closer to the bull's eye of the target.

This was my first Game Jam ever, as well as a solo project. It was made on December 8th to 9th in 2017 for the Quantum Game Jam (Theme 3). Hope you enjoy the game & the video!


Daniel aka. Syksy

Released under the Creative Commons license.

Install instructions

The downloadable zip-file is a Windows (64-bit) build of the game. Should you wish to have it on an another platform, feel free to contact me.


Zenoarcher.zip 16 MB

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